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Dash Scribbler Pilot January 16, 2012

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This morning I woke up extra early just to pick an outfit for work. I am not used to wearing skirts, but I might be forced to wear one today just for the sake of not being mistaken as an emo with my usual dark shirt, jeans and chucks. I had to fool my mind that I’m wearing jeans so I won’t be too conscious of my outfit. I went through my regular commute and since I was earlier than usual, I arrived in the office almost an hour early.

morning commute

I was thinking of setting up an appointment with a Dentist but my schedule was quite unpredictable today. I had a lunch meeting with the whole team. The lunch was brief, but the meeting, well it lasted until my work shift ended. When I got back, I was so anxious, or more like excited to work on my fanfic. By the way, I’ve written a fanfic about my favorite anime series, Yuyu Hakusho. My absolute character crush is Kurama, who is originally a yoko and legendary bandit in the demon world. During one of his plots, he was terribly injured by hunters and out of desperation, he brought himself to the human world. He merged his soul with an unborn baby and was born as Shuichi Minamino.

yuyu hakusho kurama

Anyway, there should have been a great potential for his character development, and like any other Kurama fangirl, I’d like to see how he can be involved with a romantic relationship. Thus, I created a YYH fanfic that retells the story of Yuyu Hakusho. Same plots and everything, I just added some details which contains their offset time from their missions. I added just one new character who doesn’t exactly spoil the plot, but it’s safe to say that it did some justice not tampering with the original story at all and yet the existence of that character was somehow of significance to the original plot. In other words, with or without her, the story goes on.

Then again, new ideas might sprout from time to time, but surely, I won’t ruin Yoshihiro Togashi’s work by tweaking his already excellent plots. This fanfic is not intended to be shared to anyone. It’s just a creative outlet and its sole purpose is for personal entertainment.

So there you have it. I live in the corporate world by day, and a dash of scribbled imagination by night. Dash Scribbler in the house.